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Horse and Stable Management Systems

Successful equestrian business with modern tools

Managing a stable, let it be bigger or smaller, is always a very demanding job. One must keep in mind all the tasks for each horse, appointments, special needs, trainings, finances, to-dos might seem endless. Emergencies, unexpected problems can happen in any second and it is a challenge to find what you need in the earliest matter of time. Are you still using a paper based offline way for managing your stable, or do you already use some online system but would like to try something else? Then this article will be to your interest. Let us walk you through the world of horse management systems.

If you have never heard about online systems for horse management, you might ask first what are these and why are they good for me? These systems are designed in a way to make the everydays easier for stable owners, can it be professional sport stables, breeding farms or riding schools. The main idea behind is to change from confusing paper-based management to a much user-friendly way of collecting, managing, sharing horse, stable and business related data. There are some very simple ones out on the market, with just few features making its use very easy, but there are quite complex ones, even including accounting, booking or staff related features as well. If you are interested in our top picks for breeders, private stables and riding schools then keep on reading.

Top favourites – for breeders, private stables
Crio Online

Crio Online is probably one of the most known of online horse management systems. This program includes everything which a professional private stable or breeding station would need. It’s main features based on the mentioned sections on its webpage are the following.

  • Breeding: Mare and Stallion management, embryo flush & transfer, semen collections, frozen semen & embryo stock, breeding log.
  • Horse records: Track farrier work, health records (vaccination, deworming, dental), horse documents & files, media. Competitions, Transportation and movements and blood test.
  • Barn management: Real-feel barn creation, layout designing, printable stall door designing with inserted QR code functions.
  • Training center: Training sessions tracking for each horse, to be able to follow up with their evolution. Possibility to train e.g. for endurance, speed and creating individual exercise plans.
  • Inventory: Keeps record of feeding, medications, machinery, or tack (status, due dates, stock). For health record and farrier, it is possible to enter what products were used so it will be removed from stock.
  • Reports & reminders: There is a possibility to activate reminders (vaccinations, deworming) also access will be given for detailed reports, which can be exported to Excel and PDF.
  • Costs & Income tracking: Expenses can be tracked by horse, account category and cost center.
  • Diets & Feed: Diets can be created which later can be assigned to certain horses. Diets contain the information about feeds, costs, and quantity.
  • Dynamic horse groups: Horses with certain criteria can be grouped, thus avoiding doing it manually. These groups may be used for reporting or batch entry of data.

What are the benefits of using this system, why is it useful?

  • All horses’ data will be in one place, there is no need for papers or Excel sheets. Everything will be centralized in the system and fast to access.
  • Data will be stored safely; nothing will get lost because of external factors. Crio Online is said to be hosted in high-end servers with continuous monitoring.
  • The system is designed to be easy to use but be functional at the same time. The developers are seeking for users’ feedbacks and implementing them often.
  • No updates needed because it is automatized, it is done instead of the user.
  • At the end you are saving time and money. Every data you would need is easy to access, batch actions are available and it helps you optimize your business’s operating costs, too.
  • It will help you make better decisions, with all the information in one place and available for your team just in no matter of time. Horse details can be shared publicly, accessible by a link.

The system is not specified in any disciplines or types of stables; however it might be the mostly recommended for breeding stations.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Pricing: There are three types of plans available, from basic to enterprise plan. The cheapest plan starts from 9.90 USD per month and it allows one user for 30 active horses. The premium plan is meant to be for enterprises for a monthly price of 39.90 USD. It allows 10 users for 1000 active horses and extra functions like vet section, invoicing, boarding, farm maintenance, arrival/departure, frozen semen management, semen collections, mare breeding history and horse scoring. There is a 30-day free trial available on all the plans before you would buy either of them. 


Crio Online-Dashboard
Crio Online-Horse Profile

Equicty also claims to be an all-in-one equine management tool. Equicty offers two types of packages for any need. Equstable is optimal for bigger equine businesses like sport stables and breeding stations, and Equclub is more suitable for private stables and riding clubs, since it also includes online booking, payment and member portal functions. Equstable is the the foundation software for Equclub, therefore purchasing Equclub gives you the access to Equstable, too. As a third product, Equicty has the ‘Smart Stable Board’ which claims to replace old-fashioned white boards in stables. However, here we would like to highlight the functions of Equstable.

“Replacing paper notebooks and traditional whiteboards with digital, cloud-based solutions is an easy way to cut costs, save time, simplify workflows, and improve horse management”


Main features of Equstable includes:

  • Horse management: The user is able to build useful horse CVs and then share it with the owners, potential clients, vets in just a second. Tracking health records, auto schedule appointments e.g., deworming, vaccination, just like workouts for your horse. The system will notify you about important due-dates so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.
  • Team management: The user can keep track of all the members of the team taking care of the stable and horses. Members can be invited to the platform and they can access all the data, which makes communication easier. Tasks, activities can be assigned to individuals, sub teams can be created and all the administration details regarding your employees can be done here, e.g., contracts, flight details, personal details, etc. Your team will be notified about any changes, important tasks in real time so you will not lose a minute.
  • Interactive planning: Daily planning can be speeded up by drag and drop, bulk action task features. Any type of task can be personalized and shown on the main dashboard, the system will plan instead of the user with the help of the built-in mechanism.
  • Invoicing and expenses: Recurring and flexible invoices can be made and sent in a few minutes. There is a subscription system available, which will make the job instead of the user. Easily billable items would be added automatically to the owner’s invoice.
  • Competition scheduling: The plan of a competition can be made and shared with the team and owners. Everyone will know about the upcoming events and the expenses related to them.
  • Breeding: All of the breeding activities can be tracked through the system. Studs can manage records, stallions, and also detailed pregnancy follow-up of mares. All information may be accessible by the veterinaries and horse owners can be notified about the progress.
  • Integration: Third party applications can be integrated to Equicty, for example the stable’s webpage where horse profiles would be automatically updated with the details from the system.
  • Smart Stable Board‘ can be accessed and updated remotely, allows the user to organize with unlimited space, makes history tracking easier, the board is usable with riding gloves and the application is industrial grade.
  • As an important information, the application can be used on smartphones, purchasing the ‘Smart Stable Board’ is optional.

Equicty is said to be a universal tool to manage stables, regardless of discipline or type of stable. Even though, this system might be recommended primarily to sport stables, as it includes many promising features to them.

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Pricing: Equstable standard plans start from the monthly price of €30. This plan includes active horse management, unlimited user access, online CRM, daily workouts scheduling, health records, media management, mobile application, reporting, knowledge base, support: chat and mail. The standard plan allows the user to manage a stable up to 10 horses. Plans can be individually customized, therefore prices will vary according to that. The company offers everyone a 21-day demo version of the system.

“It’s truly a practical tool, easy-to-use and save loads of time. While travelling, I fill out the schedule for the week, change the modifications and everyone is informed in real time. This saves so much time. It’s very simple. Everyone responsible can put their own information and it’s very simple because it’s with your own phone.”

– Simon Delestre, French Olympic Showjumper


‘Smart Stable Board’

The number three top favorite in this category is Prism, even though it is currently only available in Australia, it deserves to be mentioned in this list.

The first impression about Prism, is that it is mainly suitable for racing stables or stables in competitive business.

Based on the research, there is not yet a single other all-in-one system which was specialized in the management of racing stables; thus this fact Prism is a very promising system on the market at the moment.

According to the official webpage, Prism’s main sections and functions are:

  • For trainers
    • Racing, stable and horse management, communications & media, owner management, staff & suppliers, finance, and accounting, invoicing and payments, debt recovery, website development and management, sales automation CRM, microchip scanning tablet application, detailed reporting.
  • For syndicators
    • Racing management, communication & media, owner management, finance and accounting, invoicing & payments, debt recovery, website development & management, sales automation CRM, detailed reporting.
  • Breeders/stud
    • Breeding module, stable management, horse management, communications & media, owner management, staff & suppliers, finance and accounting, invoicing & payments, debt recovery, website development & management, sales automation CRM, microchip scanning tablet app, detailed reporting.
  • Owner
    • Racing management, horse management, communications & media.
  • Agistment/breaking
    • Stable management, horse management, communications & media, owner management, staff & suppliers, finance and accounting, invoicing & payments, debt recovery, website development & management, microchip scanning tablet application, detailed reporting. 
  • Harness
    • Racing management, stable management, horse management, communications & media, owner management, staff & suppliers, finance and accounting, invoicing & payments, debt recovery, website development & management, sales automation CRM, microchip scanning tablet application, detailed reporting.
  • International
    • Racing management, stable management, horse management, communications & media, owner management, staff & suppliers, finance and accounting, website development & management, detailed reporting.

Why should you use this system?

“Prism is really there for those who are looking to Be Better. Better in what they do, how they do it and the experience they provide for their stakeholders. We understand some are happy with the status quo, but for us Be Better is what we live by and what drives us as a technology and as people. So if you are looking for more engaged staff and owners, the ability to manage your stables from anywhere with everything at your fingertips, reduce double handling and red tape, automate process and increase efficiency, save money and increase revenues with the latest technology and a trusted partner to help you along the way; then Prism is your only choice.”

 – Allan Bennetto, Founder, Prism

Languages: English

Pricing: Signing up is for free for the starter and pro versions, just like some basic items for example, new horse registration, registered horse lists, nominations, acceptances, results, horse statistics and horse news. However, prices will be set individually based on the number of horses and functions requested. Just to mention some of their prices: media and communications module is for 20 AUD, website and finance, invoicing, management are both for 50 AUD.


Top favorites for riding schools, clubs

ECPro is an Equestrian Centre Software, claiming to be the only all-in-one stable management system with integrated booking platform. The software is primarily a mobile application and website where the user can follow up the details regarding the stable.

ECPro has some useful functions like:

  • Online lesson booking: Customers are able to book lessons based on their level, preferences, age, weight and height etc. The system only displays dates with available trainers, horses. Therefore, there cannot be incorrect bookings made, and the trainer will only see the active and correctly made bookings. Extras can be added to the booking functions, like equipment hiring, or even discounts, special offers. The user does not need to worry about payments, because the system deals with payments, refunds and credits. Cancellation policy can be programmed specifically into the system, so there will be no errors happening.
  •  Horse management: The user can store many valuable information about the horses, like competitions, passport & microchip information, lesson limits can be adjusted per each horse (rider’s height, weight, minimum riding ability), exercise limits and lesson history can be tracked here as well. Also, as a useful feature, medication, vet, farrier, worming and vaccination records can be kept here, with reminders created.
  •  Staff management: There is a task allocation system available in the application, where the user can take care of the workloads of each employee. Staff would receive notifications about new tasks assigned, when marked done it would notify the client about its status. Therefore, real-time information saves valuable minutes for the user’s business.
  •  Customer management: Customers are able to create an account, where all important details are stored about them. The system is notifying the customer to update their profile every 6 months; therefore the user is able to assign the right horse to the right rider.
  • Events & competitions: Events can be planned and published beforehand, so clients can book it online. Pricing, availability list can be settled, thus avoiding overbooking.
  • Admin section: Here the dashboard gives the user valuable information to have an overview about the performance of the stable. Analytics, reports, statistics can be found in this section.

Why should you use ECPro?

Not only that the system will save the user time and money, but it will increase revenue, reduce paperwork and administration, therefore increase the productivity. Bookings can be tracked exactly, thus customer relations can be improved and bookings can be maximized, so cashflow can be increased. All in all, it would modernize the user’s business, keep them ahead of the competitors and reduce the stress levels.  ECPro team promises to train the user and all the members of staff about the system and keep them updated about new trainings and support opportunities.

Languages: English

Pricing: There are no monthly fees for this system. When setting up the system the user has to pay £500 +vat, on top of that booking fee will be charged from customers, mainline charge is 1.5%+vat. A free demo can be booked!



Stablebuzz also offer a complete stable management solution, with 25 years of experience in the industry, initially starting with a competition scoring software. The Canadian company’s mission is to: “preserve and grow equestrian sports and activities” and to help businesses “operate more efficiently, professionally and profitably”. The software is supported by North American equestrian organizations like: Horse Council British Columbia, Cheval Québec, Vault Canada and American Vaulting Association.

The main features of the system are the following:

  • Keeping track of release forms: Stablebuzz provides the users a secure, safe, and easy release form management system, ensuring that businesses are protected. In the system it is possible to keep e-signatures and to send out any type of forms easily, with the possibility of e-signature for the receiving side, too. All this for free.
  • Horse management: The system promises to keep track of expenses, feeding schedules, horse health to prevent spending unnecessarily. You can supervise horse data with attached files, appointments, feeding schedules and related costs per horse.
  • Advanced scheduling: It offers an advanced scheduling system to avoid miscommunication via emails, calls and always re-creating recurring tasks. The scheduling system includes functions like, customer online self-scheduling for classes and events, ability to schedule everything, and to set recurring events.
  • Invoicing: The system has an event-driven invoicing for events, people and horses, which helps to avoid inaccurate invoicing. The system offers to accept credit and debit card payments, to create and send out reminders for unpaid invoices.
  • Expense tracking: Expenses can be tracked not only per horse, but can be compared against horse usage, thus making it possible to calculate a cost-per-hour for each horse. Every expense can be kept organized with the help of the system, it even makes it possible to track payroll, analyze expenses or grant your accountant with special access to the data.
  • File management: Files can be accessed from anywhere and on any device thanks to the cloud hosted file storage. Documents are safe and protected, due to the implemented access control. Notes can be created on e.g. horses, people, facilities. Files are easy to reach for even external use with the help of sharing functions.
  • Surveys and financial reports: Create surveys for staff and customers to collect their valuable feedback for future improvements. The system will provide you with easy-to-read monthly profit and loss graphs and other financial reports (e.g., income, expenses, summaries).

Why is it beneficial for you to use Stablebuzz?

“ It is our lifelong goal to help equestrian riding lesson stables, and horse boarding barns professionalize their business. We are proud to offer this vital solution to the equestrian community and are passionate about our customers’ success. We will continue to build new features and modules, ensuring you have the tools needed to succeed in both today’s and tomorrow’s competitive landscape.”

-Stablebuzz’s vision

Languages: English

Pricing: They offer three types of packages. The basic package is free of charge, featuring functions like: directory listing, Buzz Site with Push to Social Media, Customer and contact info management, release forms and agreements management. Unlimited usage is included in this package. The personal package is available for 1.11 CAD/horse and it includes all basic features plus horse health, feeding, event and task management, facility management and file management. The package for Small to large stables is starting from monthly 19 CAD, including all the basic and personal package features, along with additional ones like advance scheduling, invoicing and expense tracking, online payments, profit/loss financial report, 2-6 hours of training.



Stablemaster claims to provide a ”cloud hosted feature-rich equine business management solution that beats all others for both price and power”. They say to be an optimal choice for managing stables, riding schools or equestrian centers. The company provides online solutions for PC and mobile applications as well.

Stablemaster’s features according to the official webpage:

  • Customers: The user can organize the customers, assign lessons, horses, events to them. As well as uploading documents, videos and pictures. Assessments, reports and important personal data can be handled here.
  • Horses: It is possible to record important information about horses, e.g., upcoming assessments, renewals, availability for lessons, feed, veterinary, coggins, etc.
  • Workforce: Employees can be granted roles, assigned tasks, events or lessons. Thus absence can be recorded and overallocation can be avoided.
  • Lessons and events: Automatically scheduled events and lessons, with assigning customers, horses, staff and arenas. Products, like entry fees can be created. Payment tracking and invoicing functions are included in the system.
  • Calendar: Lessons, events, tasks can be added in the calendar simply and effectively. Therefor overbooking and congestion can be avoided.
  • Tasks and care: Daily tasks of horses an operations can be managed here, with setting priorities, recurrence and deadlines.
  • Billing: The system is able to invoice any chargeable activity via the integrated features. It is able to control debt and account balances, or refunds and discounts.
  • Dashboard: Operational efficiency and revenue information can be access instantly. Daily revenue reports, overdue invoices are displayed here.

Why is it beneficial for you to use Stablemaster?

Because it states that it is a very user friendly software, and the user does not need any IT skills. The system is very secure, hosted by Amazon Web Services in cloud. Data can be access from anywhere at anytime. The user can shape the system to suit the needs the most.

Languages: English

Pricing: At Stablemaster they also offer three types of packages. Entry package is for £ 19 monthly, and includes 500 tasks, 250 lessons, 500 invoices with unlimites customers and horses. Professional package is for monthly £ 29, and includes 2500 tasks, 500 lessons, 1000 invoices with an unlimited number of customers and horses. For yearly subscriptions there are 10% discount of the prices. Enterprise package is for £ 39 monthly, and includes 5000 tasks, 2000 lessons, 2500 invoices with unlimited number of customers and horses.


Other systems:

The system promises similar functions as the previously mentioned ones. For example, scheduling, keeping records and files in one place, creating lists. Pricing is starting from 10 USD monthly, and a demo can be scheduled if you are interested.

This system is mainly designed for storing files and data of horses in one place. Also there are some other functions available, like listing tasks, trainings, injuries, feeding schedules, etc. Pricing starts from 29.95 USD monthly. There’s a 14-day trial available for the system.

My Clubhouse
This system is not specifically designed for equestrian businesses, rather sport clubs. The system includes many features like: membership, event and team management. Payments, certifications, etc. Rates starting from £1.60 +VAT per member, per annum. A demo period can be requested.

Stable Secretary
Stable Secretary offers to organize activities, information of horses. Access can be given to team members, and reminders sent of due dates. There’s also an implemented invoicing function for this system. Pricing starts from 1.49 USD per month, a 30-day free trial is available.

Equinegenie offers valuable features specifically for business owners, for horse care, stallion and mare reproduction management, horse training, riding lessons, horse showing, horse racing, horse eventing, customer care and management, business operations and financials, security and networking, and so on. The lowest price for a package is 199 USD when purchasing.

Honorary mentions:

The Pony App
The Jockey Club
Horse Logs
Equine Simplified
EquiSoft Live
Equi de Clic
Hippo Vibe
Horse Bills

This collection is only partially covering the equestrian management systems out on the market. We believe that even if you have special expectations and unique needs you will still be able to find a system suiting your company’s needs. Are you still not convinced about changing to an online software? Who knows, this might bring a brighter future and greater success to your business. We can only recommend you to try a software, most of them have a free trial period, you have nothing to lose!

Even though we made a detailed research before writing this article, we could not try all of the mentioned systems personally. Some information or specific details were collected from the systems’ official presentation as a primary resource.

Have you come across any other good systems for equestrian businesses? Let us know and we will include it on this list! (let us know at